Fairy Wishing Well

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Create a magical area to your garden or outdoor space with the Fairy Wishing Well; part of the wonderful Fairy Garden collection. Featuring a fabulous artist inspired wishing well for the fairies to use in the garden, bright colouring and superb detailing on the bucket and well that is crafted from metal. The hand drawn bucket and the roof of the wishing well are amazing, but the flowers and plants around the base are some fine pieces of metal craft. Perfect for family gardens where children can monitor the fairies. The Fairy Wishing Well provides the garden fairies with a place to drink in your outdoor space. Other pieces of the Fairy Garden range are sold separately and can be mixed and matched.

  • Constructed from Metal
  • Superb detailing
  • Vibrant Colours

Dimensions - Fairy Wishing Well: H: 15cm W: 10cm D: 8cm