Metal Rainbow Unicorn Female

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Enchant your garden! The magical Metal Rainbow Unicorn Female is bound to add some curiosity and wonder to your outdoor space. The children will love the metal unicorn and the bright colours are just spectacular. Hand crated and sculpted from metal, the Rainbow Unicorn Female is a spectacular garden animal and accessory. Part of a matching pair; together with the Rainbow Unicorn Male, they make up the fabulous Rainbow Unicorn Collection. The mane and the tail are a fantastic blend of bright rainbow colours, which contrast perfectly with the peaceful white body of the garden unicorn. The horn is silver effect with black striping and the eyes are just gorgeous. Encourage your children back into the outdoors with the magic of the beautiful creature, stories and games can stem from the unicorn just being there.

  • Hand-Worked Metal
  • Rainbow Mane and Tail
  • Part of the Rainbow Unicorn Collection

Dimensions - Metal Rainbow Unicorn Female: H: 52cm W: 40cm D: 14cm