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Metal Stake Flower Pink Lily

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Liven up your outdoor space with the Metal Stake Flower Pink Lily. Featuring vibrant colour and detailing on the petals as well as, the stem and leaves, the pink Lily is a cost efficient, low-maintenance solution to add vibrancy to the garden. Stem and leaves are a lush green colour. The whole flower is sculpted from metal and shaped to the artists impression. Looking very pretty and lifelike in the garden makes them difficult to tell apart from real flowers. The clever metal stake allows the flower to be placed in a fixed position, Also, ....the pink Lily will never wilt or die.

  • Constructed from Metals
  • Metal Stake for Positioning
  • Vivid Colouring and Detailing

Dimensions - Metal Stake Flower Pink Lily: H: 100cm W: 30cm D: 20cm