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Multimat™ Winter Golf Mat

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The superb Multimat™ Winter Golf Mat is ideal for outdoor use, whether that be at home or in the garden as a practice mat or on the golf course as a supporting aid. With this superbly balanced and double sided fairway mat will be the envy of all fellow golfers. Multimat™ is a well designed product that has been patented and is extremely cost effective and simple to use.

  • Flexible and hard wearing blended plastic
  • Tested to withstand impact of missed shots and breakability up to -20˚c
  • Movement restricting grippers are featured on both surfaces of the mat
  • Preventative measure for ball movement on inclines
  • Available in either green or purple
  • Single piece moulding meaning no need for replacement parts
  • Sleek, compact and easy to transport.
  • Perfect for usage, even in COVID-19 restrictions

Dimensions - Multimat™ Winter Golf Mat: Length: 15.5 inches  Width: 4.5 inches