Rounded Desk Lamp Black

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Create the perfect workspace, starting with the Rounded Desk Lamp Black. Crafted from metals and accentuated with an intricately designed and stylish bulb, this lamp is beautiful and radiates with style and status. Featuring round chubby base, tall slim frame and caged, rounded shaped bulb housing; finished with matt black. The desk lamp is battery operated and eco friendly. taking three triple A alkaline batteries. Matching the elegant design, the starry night LED bulb enhances the style. With beautiful detailing inside the bulb that compliments the style. Create the workspace that people dream of; starting with the Rounded Desk Lamp Black.

  • Created Using Metals
  • Stylish Starry Night LED Bulb
  • Battery Operated

Dimensions - Rounded Desk Lamp Black: H: 38cm W: 12cm D: 16cm