Swinging Tree Puppy

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Every garden needs a Swinging Tree Puppy to adore. With gorgeous eyes and playful appearance, the puppy will create a lot of attention and conversations in your garden. Ideally tree mounted, but could be versatile on large shrubs or bushes. Made from resin and perched on a natural log with rope to hang, the Swinging Tree Puppy is a great garden animal too have. Designed and created with families in mind, the resemblance of the puppy is lifelike and has been hand painted with care and precision.He looks mischievous and playful and would be perfect for a family with young children

  • Constructed from Resin
  • Lifelike Features and Appearance
  • Hand Painted with Care

Dimensions - Swinging Tree Puppy: H: 45cm W: 14cm D: 15cm