Traffic Light Candle Holder

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Industrial style with a Traffic Light Candle Holder. Cleverly designed and styled from reclaimed metal traffic lights. Featuring the original housing and frame of free standing design, formerly used. As well as being a vintage accessory, the Traffic Light Candle Holder is also rustic and retro, with an industrial feel. The 3 tier candle holder has space for one candle in each window of the once operational light. At the top the red reflective background accentuates the candle light against the colour. The middle window is amber and the bottom window is green in background colour. This is such a diverse design for a candle holder, making it a sought after product to own.

  • Made from Reclaimed Metal
  • Diverse Industrial Design
  • 3 Tier Free Standing Candle Holder

Dimensions - Traffic Light Candle Holder: H: 83cm W: 18cm D: 13cm