Wall Hung Traffic Light Candle Holder

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Add nostalgia to a room with a Wall Hung Traffic Light Candle Holder. Fabulously designed and styled using reclaimed metal traffic lights. Featuring original top frames, housings and windows to create. The Wall Hung Traffic Light Candle Holder is an industrial design, but does have a vintage and retro feel too. The 3 tier candle holder is modern and stylish and holds space for one candle in each window of the formerly used light. On top, the red reflective background accentuates the candle light against the colour. In the centre is amber and at the bottom is green in background colour. This is a wonderful design for a candle holder, with many features and styles, making it a must have product to own.

  • Made from Reclaimed Metal
  • Fabulous Industrial Design
  • 3 Tier Wall Hung Candle Holder

Dimensions - Wall Hung Traffic Light Candle Holder: H: 61cm W: 25cm D: 16cm