Wide-Eyed Pink Flamingo

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Visually stunning, the Wide-Eyed Pink Flamingo is an extremely special garden accessory. Captivating and adorable, the features and colours are spectacular with reflections of both realism and fantasy. Standing on one leg, the Wide-Eyed Pink Flamingo has a circular frame, which sets onto the ground. Hand sculpted from raw metals, the flamingo is a beautiful garden animal with lots of vibrant pink colour and detailing. Emphasis on the eyes make this sculpture appear young and energetic, which is an appealing feature for a garden animal for the whole family to enjoy. Perfectly shaped feathers and plumage protrude and look amazing. The freestanding flamingo could be placed on grass, decking or paving; wherever you choose, he is going to look just perfect!

  • Hand Crafted and Sculpted from Metal
  • Bright and Vivid Colouring and Detail
  • Adorable Wide Eyes and Features

Dimensions - Wide-Eyed Pink Flamingo: H: 53cm W: 14cm D: 23cm